Cunnycrag & Cunnyburrow


Danica Maier : Autumn 2011

Danica Maier's artwork derives from an interest in textiles, craft, women's work, pattern and repetition combined with transgression. Often, the work appears pretty and decorative, yet once the viewer begins to experience the work from various distances within the space the imagery reveals its true self. Within Maier's act of creation is an ideal of tradition and family.  It is borne out of nostalgia for a time and family values that her American parents tried to recreate, but could only simulate: a past that never existed or if it did, can never be recreated.  In the mere act of trying, a simulation of the ideal is formed.  Re-contextualizing against the 'ideal' is Maier's way of making it 'more real' - giving it substance and life.  She is rebelling and subverting the ideal of a fifties American housewife to make it seem real, as this is the only way she can have it inhabit the values contemporaneously. 

Originally from Philadelphia, Danica Maier completed an MFA in painting at University of Delaware in 1998 before receiving an MA in Textiles as Contemporary Art Practice from Goldsmiths College in 2002. Maier has recently exhibited Midlands & Tooraloorals a solo show at the GEDOK Gallery in Karlsruhe, Germany as well as co-curated and exhibited in a major exhibition of the work of British based artists Unpicked and Dismantled, a part of the Kaunas Art Biennale. Over the last 10 years Maier has exhibited and curated exhibitions internationally in England, Lithuania, USA, Korea, Paraguay, Pakistan, Germany, Chile. Maier has also participated in numerous residency programs including Braziers International Artist Workshop in the UK, was artist in residence at the Fundación Migliorisi in Asuncion, Paraguay, completed a textile research residency with VASL in Karachi, Pakistan through Gasworks and did the apprenticeship at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. She is currently working as a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University and lives in Waddington.

Newly produced for the Broadcaster Boards Cunnyburrow was located in Waddington and Cunnycrag  in Wellingore.  Both works are made from puzzles found at local car boots and can be seen in situ below.