Appropriated Instructions


Eva Marín is a visual artist based at “Can Xalant Arts Center”, Mataró, Barcelona. She studied a BA (Hons) Fine Art at the University of Barcelona, she also studied at the University of West of England in Bristol interactive multimedia. She holds an MA in Production & Artistic Research and at the moment she is doing her Phd on “The controversial in between the institutionalized landscape and the invisible landscape” at the Advanced Studies in Artistic Production Program in the University of Barcelona. She has taught Web marketing strategies for two years at the IED, Istituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona.

Her artistic practice is based on photography and video. Currently, she examines the stereotypes that accompany landscape imagery and how these stereotypes have contributed to the construction process of national identities in Europe. This visual and critical approach on the national and sociopolitical landscape imagery aims to expose what mechanisms permeate certain institutional perspectives to landscape and what other landscapes are set aside.

She has recently presented her work at the International Conference “Art and Geography” in Lyon and her photography series “National Landscapes” has been recently exhibited in Senda Gallery in Barcelona.

Eva Marin : Summer 2013 : month 4