Wonderful Mundane Things


Lynn Fulton's work is concerned with an exploration of objects, both made and found, and the situations set up between them. She is interested in making work through the landscape; in it's broadest definition. The term landscape is used to describe something real that we look out onto, but also a representation of something at the same time. In its many complex guises landscape contains intimacy and distance, and signifies a journey. While at the same time it can be the particular place that you are standing on looking at the view, observing a detail. Fulton uses a combination of pictorial, narrative and formal elements, employing different materials and techniques. The pieces often involve construction referring to building practices and temporary structures. In the work made for the Broadcaster, the pieces are an exploration of the qualities of plywood, its colour and flatness, and how through this you might think about a pattern of fields in a flat landscape.

Lynn Fulton received her MFA in Sculpture at the Slade School of Fine art in 1997.  Over the last 15 years she has shown her work internationally including galleries in New York, Budapest, Netherlands, Germany, Wales and England. Her work has been seen in Battersea Arts Centre, Gasworks, Whitechapel, Pierogi and most recently at Chapter gallery in Cardiff as part of the exhibition 'Pile'. She currently teaches on the Fine Art course at Nottingham Trent University and lives in Southwell.

Newly produced for the Broadcaster Boards 'Pale Hound' was located in Waddington and 'Ponyskin' in Wellingore.  Both works are made from plywood and found plastic elements. 


Lynn Fulton : Spring 2011