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The Broadcaster project consists of two permanent notice boards located outside converted Chapels in villages in rural Lincolnshire; Waddington and Wellingore. Each notice board is a venue for exhibitions curated by the Postmethodists. The aim is to develop and disseminate contemporary art in the everyday. By using established means, an innovative model of the distribution/dissemination of challenging/innovative art will be created in Lincolnshire. Both boards are situated on the Viking Way which is a heritage footpath extending through the County and is a destination for many national and international visitors, particularly during the summer months.

The exhibition program in The Broadcaster notice boards runs on a quarterly schedule, changing at the start of the new season: Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

Currently Showing:

Landscape vs. Land-Scape : Spring 2011 - Winter 2012

Spring 2011 marked the beginning of a year focusing on Landscape.  Over four seasons the Broadcaster exhibited artists whose work looks at ideas surrounding different viewpoints relative to Landscape. The artists worked from, of, with and in the Landscape as well as manipulating the materials from the landscape.  Starting off this project in Spring 2011 was Lynn Fulton showing 'Pale Hound' in the Waddington Broadcaster and 'Ponyskin' in the Wellingore Broadcaster.  During the summer months were shown two works titled  'Implements & Offcuts' by Debra Swann.  For the autumn Danica Maier installed two new works 'Cunnyburrow' and 'Cunnycrag'.  To see the year of the Landscape to its conclusion, Lucy Strachan shifted our usual display method and showed two sculptures, Slash and D Form Excavation outside the chapels as well as two drawings (untitled) in the notice boards.

Previous Exhibitions:

Lucy Strachan

Danica Maier

Debra Swann

Lynn Fulton

Oliver Tirre : Winter 2011

Gerard Williams : Autumn 2010

In Memoriam : Summer 2010

Sumi : Spring 2010

Aphorism’s : Winter 2010

Jenny Holzer

John Plowman

Aphorism's was the Broadcaster's Winter 2009 exhibition involving two solo exhibitions. The first part was a show of rubbings from Jenny Holzer's work. The exhibition concluded with new work titled “Thought for the Day” by John Plowman. To see images from both exhibition please click on the artist name in the left panel below the Aphorism's heading.

Expressions of Interest : Autumn 2009

For EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST Artists were invited to submit proposals for one of a pair of landmark gateway artworks to be placed at the entrances to the proposed Wellingore - Waddington underground link road. This eco friendly transport link between the two villages would enable smoother and more efficient access to the respective amenities of both villages. It is important to note that the proposed Wellingore - Waddington underground link road is subject to obtaining the necessary statutory approvals and permissions.

Participants: Dan Archer (Brandon), Adam Burge (Newark), Helen Frik (Amsterdam), Lynn Fulton (Southwell), Stewart Gough (London), S. Mark Gubb (Cardiff), Alun Williams (New York / Marseillies)

For the first exhibition of the Broadcaster project, artists have been invited to produce 2D artworks responding to the context of a village notice board. The launch of the exhibition took place on 11 July at 7pm at Wellingore & 12 July at 12.30pm at Waddington.

The project was  launched by The Lady West.

Participants:  Jordan Baseman, Melissa Bliss, Sarah Carne, Louise Cattrell, Veronique Chance, Phil Cosker, Sean Dawson, Helen De Main, Simon Faithfull, Doug Fishbone, Craig Fisher, Rob Flint, Lucy Gibson, Antoinette Hachler,  Stuart Haygarth, Lucy Heyward, Cees Krijnen, Kelly Large, Danica Maier, Melanie Manchot, Jo Mitchell, John Plowman, Sally Plowman, Michael Sanders, Rebecca Scott, Alec Shepley, Gary Simmonds, Terry Smith, Susannah Strong, Debra Swann, Nicola Streeten, The Hut Project, Mandy Ure, Jessica Voorsanger, Roy Voss, Rosie West, Alun Williams, Gerard Williams

B. Noticed : Summer 2009

Broadcaster Launch : Summer 2009

The Lady Rosie West and Postmethodist Nicola Streeten Launch the Wellingore Boardcaster.

Call & Response : Summer 2012

Taking as its cue the spontaneity of ‘lost cat’ and ‘found cat’ notices appearing in the same newsagent window often referring to the same cat. The project seeks to exemplify the circularity of exchanges in the everyday. As both the Call and Response are created in isolation this creates an element of chance imbuing the project with the potential for a call, created by one artist, to unwittingly match a response from another or vice versa. Thinking beyond the context of the newsagent window artist were ask to create a call in which the subject matter and form for either the call or response was totally at their discretion. The only proviso being that it must fit on the plain side of a blank postcard.



The term broadcaster was the name of the first machine to disseminate seed. From this the word broadcast has been appropriated to describe much cultural dissemination. The Postmethodists wish to reflect in their projects that the dissemination of information in the rural is perhaps different to the urban.

Shot : Fall 2012

The exhibition featured work by Gerard Williams (in Wellingore) and Danica Maier (in Waddington) made while on a trip to America in the Summer. Using a Pistol as a tool, Danica shot into multiple copies of Game Cookbooks and Gerard shot at appropriate titled book hunted for at the local charity store.

Danica Maier

Gerard Williams

image coming soon

23rd March 2013 - Come and join us!

Alison Lloyd is walking at the same time as Andrew Brown between two methodist chapels in Lincolnshire. Alison will walk North and Andrew will walk South between the chapels in Wellingore and Waddington.

Wellingore to Waddington

Meet at Wellingore, Reading Room & Chapel, High Street, Wellingore, Lincoln LN5 0HW at 1:30pm and walk NORTH to Waddington, along six miles of the Viking Way, with extensive views out across Lincolnshire by way of Harmston, Coleby, Boothby Graffoe, and Navenby, also known as the 'Cliff Villages'.



Waddington to Wellingore

Meet at Waddington, The Methodist Chapel, High Street, Waddington, Lincoln LN5 9RF at 1:30pm and walk SOUTH to Wellingore, Methodist Chapel along six miles of the Viking Way, with extensive views out across Lincolnshire by way of Navenby, Boothby Graffoe, Coleby, and Harmston, also known as the 'Cliff Villages'.

This event is free and open to all ages.                         

You will need suitable footwear and clothing for the walk and be prepared to walk the six miles one way. Bring snacks for extra energy, food and drink, and a rucksack to carry it all in. The walks will take place whatever the weather brings on the day.  The respective chapels will provide refreshments at the end of the walk.

By Wellington to Waddingore : Winter 2013

Art residency by walking artists Andrew Brown and Alison Lloyd concluding with a walk between the two venues.

Appropriated Instructions : Spring & Summer 2013

Belen Cerezo, Geoff Diego Litherland, Rebecca Lee, Eva Marín, Rosario Montero

In our daily lives we constantly encounter rules and codes, implicit or explicit, that dictate how we move, how we behave, how we relate. Most of these socially agreed codes, rules or constraints go unnoticed as they are taken for granted till there is something that breaks them. In Appropriated Instructions a group of artists explore the concept of instruction and examine its potential for giving us new understandings of our daily lives and routines. Can some very everyday instructions become a creative tactic to intervene or navigate in the everyday? Can a so connoted exhibiting space as a church noticeboard offer any room to present rules as a form of disruption?

Instructions will become the method and the subject of research, and enable the creation of the work to be a shared and experimental process. Therefore Appropriated Instructions is the starting point to produce and the production itself. It is a common ground and the space to differentiate our practices.

This project involves five artists whose works include sound, photography, painting and performance. Initial individual ideas will be developed, challenged and distilled through conversation, collaborative workshops and visits together to the area. The project will include activities like walks, or other events facilitated by the artists to generate further connections and engagement opportunities beyond the boards themselves.

The exhibition will run over the next 6 months and take the form of one solo show each month.  It has begun with a taster/trailer/teaser exhibition conceived jointly by the artists. 

Read more about the Appropriated Instructions project on their blog: HERE.

month 1:


month 2:

Geoff Diego Litherland

month 3:

Rebecca Lee

month 4:

Eva Marin

month 5:

Rosario Montero

month 6:

Belen Cerezo

The Broadcaster linked this piece with a notice board within the abandoned Spode Ceramics Factory, showing 1 third of a large drawing, with the other 2 parts shown in the Broadcaster boards. The drawing is a created idle taking all elements for the landscape from Spode’s Willow ware pattern as well as the Willow pattern from my family’s cottage dish-ware. The drawing uses understated visual cues in uncomfortable text that on first glance appears to be stitched line. The viewer is required to spend time with the work to encounter these moments of hidden depth found within the decorative and drawn line. Pussy Willow is one drawing that has been cut through into 3 and divided between the three locations. Giving a visual cue of the other boards {through the chopped wildlife} while also talking about ideas of repeat, pattern, and the extending of image outside the confines of the drawing. 

Pussy Willow : Fall 2013

Danica Maier

Pussy Willow

Susan Spinning & Peter Spinning : Winter 2014

Chloë Brown

Susan Spinning and Peter Spinning are two pieces created by Chloë Brown for the Broadcaster. They take the form of a storyboard or even a flick book, the images capturing the moment, frame by frame, when a dancer (one female, one male) spins as part of a more elaborate dance sequence. This work has been developed from Brown’s film Dancing in the Boardroom (Turnin’ My Heartbeat Up) (2013, duration 5:33 HD).

The film focuses on two Northern Soul dancers dancing with passion in the empty, once splendid Boardroom at the now disused Spode Factory, Stoke-on-Trent. The film leads to collisions of meaning, not least the questioning of the sanctity of the Boardroom, a place where traditionally the Managing Director and the Board would entertain buyers and guests. In the film, the room is transformed into a ballroom, a dance hall, where uplifting music is played and a couple dance absorbed in their own movements and thoughts.

The exhibition of these two images, each outside it’s own Methodist chapel, plays on the idea of sanctity associated with a place and challenges the idea of inappropriate and subtly subversive behaviour. 

The original film was installed in the Managing Director’s office at the Spode Factory as part of Topographies of the Obsolete: The Vociferous Void, a pavilion at the British Ceramics Biennial 2013.

To see Dancing in the Boardroom (Turnin’ My Heartbeat Up) please go to:

From Autumn 2013 - Autumn 2014 the Broadcaster exhibition linked with the research project Topographies of the Obsolete, which is a site-specific research project initiated by Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB), Norway. In collaboration with partner universities and institutions in Denmark, Germany and the UK, the project centres upon the landscape of post-industry, with its initial focus on the original Spode factory in Stoke-on-Trent. The site’s socio-economic histories, industrial architecture and material remnants has engaged over 40 interdisciplinary artist interventions and responses in spaces that have previously been closed for public access.

Details :

Susan Spinning &

Peter Spinning

National Treasure : Spring 2014

Neil Brownsword

Restaged for The Broadcaster National Treasure was the final work created by Neil Brownsword from the Topographies of the Obsolete project during 2013.  Interested in elevating the status of the skilled hands involved in ceramic production Brownswords work parodies the current trend of factory tourism which has located some of its most highly skilled artisans on public display to ply their skills for an audience. Though National Treasure employed redundant artisans of Spode and Coalport China factories in a different context – the site used for the work was one of the closed factory. The workers were amongst the last generation of china painters in Stoke whose skills have been gradually displaced by ceramic print for mass production.

The exhibition in the Broadcaster is showing documentation of National Treasure both in the form of the plates painted as well as photos of the installation.

National Treasure :

Spode Site

Ceramics Industry in

Stoke - on - Trent

National Treasure :


Broadcaster :

Susan Spinning &

Peter Spinning

Gatherings and Dispersals : Summer 2014

Traci Kelly

In new work for the Broadcaster, Traci Kelly draws attention to parallels between the abandoned Spode ceramics factory in Stoke-on-Trent and life in rural Lincolnshire.

Pink hybrid roses mark the factory boundary, but beyond the gates nature is taking root, prising open windows and infiltrating brickwork; feral pigeons colonise the architecture and stealthy airbourne predators dispatch their prey. On the artist’s first site visit to Waddington, a bird of prey circled the sky above the village, scrutinising the landscape: this recurring motif of the hawk and the pigeon became central to her thinking around flocking, fragmentation, the decline of industrial work forces and rural chapel congregations and the process of reconvening on new terms.

In Wellingore Broadcaster two photographs create a subversive poetry. One portrays an obsolete artefact filled with petals from ‘Spode’ roses whose scatter evokes the remains of broken ceramics. The second is the remains of a hawk-plucked pigeon carcass on the industrial acreage. Both mark the fragile beauty of things destined to pass within crumbling architecture and encroaching wildlife.

Waddington Broadcaster takes further the theme of contemporary shards in the piecing together of jigsaw fragments. A god-hawk looks down with intent on the gathering below. On the adjacent lawn twelve pigeon decoys, one for each apostle, attract others to their flock. The indoor pastime of the puzzle, witnessed through a glazed window is juxtaposed with outdoor rural pursuits such as hunting.

The staff canteen at Spode was the site for union meetings, political resistance, camaraderie and communal meals, whilst the Methodist chapels of Waddington and Wellingore provided a different context for breaking bread and sharing lives. This supper of local speciality foods celebrates values of ‘mucking-in’ and ‘lending a hand’ that linger in village communities.

100 limited edition bone china commemorative tankards to hold a decent cup of tea

Made in Stoke-on-Trent to celebrate rural Lincolnshire.

(available free, one per person on a first come first served basis)

The stuffed chine supper is an informal event to celebrate local heritage with contributions from the following organisations:

Wellingore WI: heritage table and cakes

Waddington History Group: heritage table, folk songs and memory sharing led by Maureen Sutton

Waddington Dramatic Society: heritage table and performances from the summer variety show

Free transport for those requiring:

Departs outside the ex-Methodist chapel

High St Waddington 5.30pm

High St Wellingore 6.00pm


High St Waddington 8.30pm

High St Wellingore 9.00pm

Comings and Goings : 20th July 6-9pm

Special Event : Free Stuffed Chine Supper, Coleby Village Hall

Dispersals : Wellingore

We all had a lovely evening during the Stuffed Chine Supper.  Many thanks to Traci Kelly for putting forward the idea and making it happen. To see pictures of the event on flicker click : HERE.

Superlative Flock : Autumn 2014

Rob Flint

Superlative Flock is presented concurrently on the Broadcaster’s twin noticeboards as a companion piece, in which the massed clamore of impossible attributes shout over a pointless point at the passerby.

Less : Wellingore